Drawing from Observation: Lesson

MassArt/AEContent Observational Drawing Workshop
by John MacPhee

Create an 8 page signature by folding 4 sheets of 9×12 white drawing paper.

On page 1 write the name of your object and your name and the date.
I suggest you write any notes directly on the pages you draw on. For each drawing select the elements and principles of art you think most important and write them down.

On page 2 write a brief description of your object without naming it. Write a list of descriptive words if you prefer.

On page 3 create a schematic
drawing of your object. This drawing should look like a mechanical
drawing or plan of your object. Write a sentence about what you learned
about the object from this drawing.

On page 4 create a contour
drawing of your object. Focus on all edges and linear details. You can
do a blind contour if you wish. What does this drawing tell you about
the object? If you had your hand holding the object, what would this
add to what you know about the object?

On page 5 create a full value/tonal
drawing of part or the whole object. Include the direct lighting area,
half-tone/color of the object, shaded area, shadow and reflected light.
What more information did this add to your knowledge of the object?

On page 6 create a drawing of the object (or part of it) in color. What information does this add?

On page 7 create a drawing of what it might look like looking out from inside your object. Make this as representational as possible. What does this add to your information?

On page 8 make an abstracted drawing of your object (or cubist drawing).

Capture what you think is the essence of your object (or its physical reality from multiple views).

On page 9 create a drawing in which you start with the real and transform your object into something else.

On page 10 write briefly about an experience you had with this object (or make one up). What does this add to your knowledge of the object?


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