Lesson Plan Format

{mosimage}Suggested format for creating course materials and lessons.

Core components for each lesson should include:

  • Title of Course
  • Grade Level
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Concepts
  • Teaching Procedures
  • Supplies ,Visuals or Equipment needed
  • Assessment

Pertaining to the course as a whole

1 Goal(s): Purpose of the course.
Why are you teaching this course? What do you want students to
understand, or be able to do, at the end of the program? What specific
skills do you want them to learn?

2 Obiective(s): Student activity stated in behavior terms
What are the steps the student will take to reach the overall goals of
this course? What sort of studio work will the students do in order to
reach the goals you have set for the class?

3 Concepts:
Concepts, Art terms, or general art ideas that are presented through
the content of the course. What art concepts and theories, art terms
and other theoretical skills do you want the students to have at the
end of this program?

4 Assessment:
Describe how you will assess the students’ learning throughout the
program. For example, verbal critique, writing, quality of student
work, understanding of art ideas and concepts.

Stucturing the Curiculum

Describe the overall structure and schedule for your curriculum. Break it down by weeks or units.. For each week, include your Objective, Concept, Teaching procedure, Supplies and Visuals, Models, Equipment or any course needs you anticipate. Make sure your Assessment structure or grading rubrick is in place.

We hope this information will be useful to you in your curriculum planning.

Adapted from material prepared for Massachusetts College of Art’s Continuing Education Department


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