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Renewal, Growth and Support Institute for Art Educators

4th Annual Renewal, Growth and Support Institute for Art Educators
July 10-20, 2006
Mondays-Thursdays 9:30AM-4:00PM
3 graduate credits or 45 PDP’s

{mosimage}Open to Masssachusetts-based Art Educators.
Space is Limited

The Renewal, Growth and Support Institute is designed to provide a
supportive environment for Art Educators to re-engage their studio
practice by exploring personally significant content through immersion
in art materials, ideas and exposure to the practices of contemporary
artists. Participants take part in self-exploration through intense
studio experiences, as well as dialogue and sharing alongside visiting
artists and other art educators. The Institute fosters the development
of a reflexive practice that explores the relationships between
creating art and teaching- a practice in which the studio is viewed as
the primary site for constructing deeper understandings of the
artist/teacher’s experience.

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Art & Architecture During the American Industrial Revolution

{mosimage}Summer 2006 Content Institute

Summer Session: July 10-21, Monday – Friday, 10am-3:30pm
Follow up Sessions: September 30, November 4, & December 2, 2006
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston Campus, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Free of Charge to Massachusetts Middle and High School Teachers
Presented by Massachusetts College of Art, Boston Public Schools,
Arlington Public Schools and Massachusetts Department of Education

Massachusetts boasts some of the country’s finest examples of 19th
century public art, architecture and landscape architecture. From
Trinity Church to Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace, Boston and its environs
provides the perfect classroom setting for this special summer content
institute: Art and Architecture during the American Industrial
Revolution. Employing a strong cross-disciplinary approach including
hands-on art-making activities, the institute will focus on the
significant artists, architects and works produced during this seminal
period of American political, industrial, cultural and artistic growth.

The Institute will offer participants intensive content in the art
history and explore the many connections between the art and artists
and the social, political and cultural ethos of the time.


  • Free-of-Charge for Mass teachers
  • Printmaking in MassArt’s State-of-the art- Print Making Studio
  • Lectures & slide presentations by MassArt faculty, visiting experts.
  • Public Art and Architecture tours.
  • Support for designing curriculum to enhance thinking and understanding.
  • Reference books and curriculum materials supplied.

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Using New Media in the Art Classroom: Workshop, May 7, 2005

Incorporating New Media technology into the art classroom presents both
possibilities and dilemmas. Art Educators can use technology as a
resource tool, to bring rich content into a classroom or take a class
on a “virtual” museum tour. It can be used as a creative medium,
through digital art, experiential interface design or collaborative
installations and mixed media. At the same time, new media technology
can be a distraction in the classroom, or lead to shallow student
responses. Many teachers do not feel comfortable with technology or are
burdened by limited access to computers or software. However, standards
such as technique, observation and the principles of design can be
evaluated, along with connections to the purpose and meaning and
aesthetics of a new media work of art. In this workshop, we will
discuss practical ways to begin incorporating new media into the
classroom. Participants have opportunities to work with software, learn
simple web design, explore digital video and/or how to manage and
customize an online gallery. We will also look at a variety of free or
inexpensive tools.

Presented by Eleanor Ramsay and Lauren O’Neal
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