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Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts

At the recent New England Art Education Conference in Hyannis, Art
Educator Susan Costello, and MassArt K12 Program Director Liz Rudnick
presented on “Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts.” The
presentation introduced participants to Chalkumentaries and
demonstrated ways chalkumentaries can be used as effective advocacy
resources in the visual arts.

Susan and Liz will be presenting again in
Chicago at the National Art Education Conference in March 2006.

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Galleries, Journals, Last Day

Institute Participants, Please caption any pictures you’ve uploaded to the Open Gallery, or move them into a new “nested album” you create yourself. I’ll be in the 310 computer lab Thursday morning (we have air conditioning!) working with anyone who still needs to create a gallery for their institute portfolio. Using Gallery(pdf)

I’ll continuing adding any Journals I find to the Institute Index tonight and tomorrow. I can also discuss other ways of using AEContent to assist your teaching, as well as about other forms of internet communication, such as blogging and forums. Please continue to add any comments or thoughts you have about Wednesday, or at any of the postings here.

Looking forward to tomorrow.
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