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Photoshop and Digital Art Resources

Photoshop Tutorials
Always preview websites before using them in class.

Quickstart Photoshop Guide

More Peachpit Quickstart version/software guides:


User contributed tutorials. Photoshop tutorials, as well as many other programs

PolyKarbon Tutorials
Anime-centric site with Photoshop and other animation tutorials. Appealing for students

Good Tutorials

Another collaborative tutorial site.
Lots of Photoshop tricks

Graphic-Design.com Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials

Phong’s Tutorials

Photoshop Guru’s

A wide variety of Photoshop tutorials covering all levels.

Photoshop for Kids

Resources from Photoshopsupport.com

More tutorials from Photoshopsupport.com

Tutorial Outpost
Photoshop and other program tutorials

Zonnet.nl Photoshop tutorials

Old Version? Tutorials for photoshop 3 and 4

No software? Online Drawing Resources

Noggin Doodlepad

(designed for ages 2-6)

Online FlashPaint


Make text banners and web buttons. Lots of cool fonts and effects (Built with GIMP)


Online Flash-based painter


links to various online and downloadable tools

Explore Art:
Online art links from web club

Other Resources

Free downloadable “real tools” painting application. This is a great free tool. Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

Photoshop contests, art, design and user community


Open-source Photoshop Alternative
GIMP tutorials

Apple iPhoto Tutorial

Freeplay Music
royalty-free sounds and music for DV

Stories Without Words

Intro Photography course available through MIT’s OpenCourseware

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Using New Media in the Art Classroom

New Media in the Art Classroom
December 3, 2005
10am – 5pm

Instructors: Eleanor Ramsay, Susan Costello, Nettrice Gaskins

the interactive features at AEContent and learn about approachable ways
to incorporate new media into your classroom. We will discuss using new
media to promote your art programs within your school and creating
personal narratives with galleries, journals, animation and
“machinima.” We’ll also look at using the Internet effectively for
research and ideas, inexpensive and free programs, technology issues,
and exemplars of technology use in the classroom.

Free and Cheap Resources for Art Educators

10 steps for Assessing Educational Material on the Internet

New Media Is…
Links to many new media artists’ sites

Some Random Ideas for Incorporating New Media into The Arts Classroom

A Chalkumentary is film or multi-media
presentation documenting the behind the scenes progress of students
engaged in a visual arts project/program.

Digital Storytelling

Workshop materials and activities that explore creating new and interesting
dynamic (time-based) stories or movies using found materials such as
photos, video clips and text on the computer.

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Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts

At the recent New England Art Education Conference in Hyannis, Art
Educator Susan Costello, and MassArt K12 Program Director Liz Rudnick
presented on “Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts.” The
presentation introduced participants to Chalkumentaries and
demonstrated ways chalkumentaries can be used as effective advocacy
resources in the visual arts.

Susan and Liz will be presenting again in
Chicago at the National Art Education Conference in March 2006.

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A primer on “Web Quests”

General introduction to the concept of ‘WebQuests’ – an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet, optionally supplemented with videoconferencing. — 1997 by Bernie Dodge
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Using New Media in the Art Classroom: Workshop, May 7, 2005

Incorporating New Media technology into the art classroom presents both
possibilities and dilemmas. Art Educators can use technology as a
resource tool, to bring rich content into a classroom or take a class
on a “virtual” museum tour. It can be used as a creative medium,
through digital art, experiential interface design or collaborative
installations and mixed media. At the same time, new media technology
can be a distraction in the classroom, or lead to shallow student
responses. Many teachers do not feel comfortable with technology or are
burdened by limited access to computers or software. However, standards
such as technique, observation and the principles of design can be
evaluated, along with connections to the purpose and meaning and
aesthetics of a new media work of art. In this workshop, we will
discuss practical ways to begin incorporating new media into the
classroom. Participants have opportunities to work with software, learn
simple web design, explore digital video and/or how to manage and
customize an online gallery. We will also look at a variety of free or
inexpensive tools.

Presented by Eleanor Ramsay and Lauren O’Neal
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Four Little Films

Participants at this past weekend’s AEContent Workshop got an opportunity to explore the basics of iMovie. The idea was simple. Share one digital camera, go outside, enjoy the beautiful afternoon and then return to the studio and edit a short film. iMovie is intuitive and powerful and, for labs equipped with Macs, a great way to put powerful communication tools in the hands of students. Anyway, the movies are fun, here they are!
From June Krinsky-Rudder, Constance Moore, Zoe Aquello and Laraine Cicchetti:

Afternoon Movies
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