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new home for aecontent

Coming this spring.

Drawing a la John MacPhee

Drawing a la John MacPhee
by Marie Meegan

 Last November, I participated in a drawing workshop conducted by
John MacPhee at Mass College of Art.  Even at that time I had it in
mind to share some thoughts about young students and drawing from my
art education practice.  But, the thoughts remained on my back burner,
so to speak.

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NAEA Conference in Chicago

{mosimage}The Chicago NAEA Conference was excellent. It was, as always great to run in to so many people and meet others.

Several MassArt folks presented: John Giordano, Dan Serig, and Susan
Costello and me. Kathy Douglas and the TAB folks had a variety of
Those of you who  studied with Linda Louis in the Teacher’s
Institute several years back would have enjoyed her presentation too.

The Buzz word for this year seemed to be "Visual Culture". I am a bit
lost on that whole idea, and would welcome discourse on the subject.

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New Media in the Art Classroom

March 11, 2006
10am -  5pm

Instructor: Eleanor Ramsay

the interactive features (galleries, blogs) at AEContent and learn
approachable ways
to incorporate new media into your classroom. We will discuss using new
media to promote your art programs within your school and
creating  galleries and journals using AEOntent, Photoshop, iPhoto
and other free services.

We’ll also look at using the Internet effectively for
research and ideas, inexpensive and free programs, technology issues,
and exemplars of technology use in the classroom.

Photoshop Tutorials and Digital Art Resources

Free and Cheap Resources for Art Educators

10 steps for Assessing Educational Material on the Internet

New Media Is…

Links to many new media artists’ sites

Some Random Ideas for Incorporating New Media into The Arts Classroom

(Liz Rudnick and Susan Costello)
A Chalkumentary is film or multi-media
presentation documenting the behind the scenes progress of students
engaged in a visual arts project/program.

Digital Storytelling

(Nettrice Gaskins)

Workshop materials and activities that explore creating new and interesting
dynamic (time-based) stories or movies using found materials such as
photos, video clips and text on the computer.

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Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Teaching for Artistic Behavior: Choice-based art education
Instructor: Kathy Douglas
Participants at this workshop  (held Dec. 10, 2005) learned about Choice-based teaching and
how it can incorporate the learning standards and art frameworks in a
meaningful way.

Developed in Massachusetts classrooms over
twenty five years, and through courses and research at the
Massachusetts College of Art, Teaching for Artistic Behavior allows
students to experience the work of the artist through teaching that is
responsive to their needs and interests.

More Information

An Overview of Teaching for Artistic Behavior

TAB Web links

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Digital Storytelling

{mosimage}Session Two of Using New Media in the Art Classroom
Workshop Presented December 3, 2005
By Nettrice Gaskins

During this session you will learn how to create new and interesting
dynamic (time-based) stories or movies using found materials such as
photos, video clips and text on the computer. You will also explore new
media and how it relates to active learning. This session is an
introduction to new media as a field.

(Use the workbook handouts to participate in these activities).

New Media in the Art Classroom (digital storytelling) – pdf

What is Digital Storytelling?
The term “digital storytelling” is used to describe a various new media
production practices. This approach emphasizes the personal voice and
facilitative teaching methods.


Activity #1
In groups of 2-3 teachers explore these sites:


Activity #2

1) Discuss story ideas or choose a “wild card” to develop into a short movie project.
2) Complete the Story Idea Brainstorm worksheet.
3) Organize materials such as photos and text for thestory.

1) Explore this site: http://www.current.tv/studio/survivalguide/
2) Capture or digitize your images using a scanner or digital camera.
Watch Shooting Great Looking Video on iMovie CD.
3) Import images and capture video using iMovie:

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Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts

Art Educator, Susan Costello, and MassArt K12 Program Director Liz
Rudnick presented at the recent New England Art Educators Conference on
Chalkumentaries and Advocacy in the Visual Arts. Participants were
introduced to Chalkumentaries and shown how valuable these slide shows
of students at work in the visual arts classroom is a resource for
sharing the process of art making with the community.
Sue and Liz will be presenting at the upcoming National Art Education Conference in March 2006 on Chalkumentaries and Advocacy.

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Selected Multi-Media Artists

Isenheim Altarpiece
Matthias Grunewald

Eadweard Muybridge

Illuminated Universal Turing Machine – Roman Verostko, 1998
Roman Verostko pages at the Digital Museum

Matthew Ritchie The Hard Way
Online Presentation of Narrative

Jonah Bruker-Cohen (coin-operated.com)


Kim Koster, Richard Schumann, Stephan Schulz, Johannes Bùnemann

Big New Media List: New Media Is…

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Day Five: Monday, July 18

(originally posted by Lauren)

I thought this was a poetic way to address getting stuck and pushing forward in artmaking…

"One day I went to the mountain alone. At first I could not climb; I
lay flat on my face with the slope with the sensation that I was being
completely absorbed by the earth. When I took the first steps up the
slope, I had the physical sensation of walking with tremendous effort
in some matter as thick as mud. Gradually, however, it all became
easier, and in a few days I was able to negotiate jumps. I could climb
vertical walls as easily as any goat. I very seldom got hurt, and I
realized the possibility of a very subtle understanding which I had not
perceived before. Finally, I managed to take no false steps and to
wander around quite easily among the rocks."
—Leonora Carrington

From: Surrealist Women: An International Anthology

Ed. Penelope Rosemont

University of Texas Press, Austin. 1998. p. 150

(following are the comments from the original post)

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Day Four

Please check last night’s comments in "Day Three". Feel free to begin comments for today.
Note: Let’s continue to use this post for weekend thoughts and
responses. Also, don’t forget to look at earlier renewal posts for more
comment conversation.

(following are the comments from the original post)

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